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How To Get People To Do What You Want

Leadership in management is the art and science of getting others to do what they don’t necessarily want – or don’t understand why they’re being asked – to do. Doing it at a startup is accomplishing all of that in the face of uncertainty and with little resources. Now imagine doing that without the war chest supplied to you by VCs as you bootstrap. Good times, but also a pain in the ass.

First: Yes, the Usual Clichés

Without a doubt, the mere minimum you need to do to recruit and retain talent is to show respect, empower, provide feedback and be a generally good person to want to work for. Treat employees not just like partners, but also how you want to be treated as an employee.

But, hiring during boom times is very different than during a downturn. Depending on your industry, your company might be grounded due to the inability to hire.

Your Business Isn’t a Fortune Cookie

“Hire slow, fire fast” is a great sound bite, but it’s usually wrong, especially if you lack the cash to hire anyone you want.

Either way, not everyone is a visionary or sees the lay of the land; a lot of people need direction and to be cast in a role. I am not recommending you to hire a putz and promote him, but if you saw something in a candidate and things aren’t working out at first, chances are they may be really good at something else.

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