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The Big List: The Best and Worst Startup Stuff In 2011

Best Startup Book of 2011: Mastering the VC Game by Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital

Best Interview Podcast/Webcast Series with Entrepreneurs: Andrew Warner’s Mixergy

Best Intervew Podcast/Webcast Series with Investors: Mark Suster’s in Venture Capital

Best Startup Blog: This, the most hotly contested award goes to Both Sides of the Table by Mark Suster

Best Startup Answer Sites Other than OnStartups: Three-way tie between Venture Hacks, Quora, and AsktheVC

Best blog post by an entrepreneur: A tie between this postmortem by Justin Hall about Gamelayers, and Rand Fishkin on how a funding round got screwed up

Best blog post on an unknown backstory goes to Lee Hower’s post on raising Series A for LinkedIn in 2003

Best Communication from a Startup to its Investors: From Objective Logistics as described in this blog post

Funniest Twitter Feed in 2001: @fakedavetisch. He was only active for two days, but what a great two days!

Best business card execution: Any business card from moo.com that has a face with it

Best business card app: CardMunch. With one iPhone snapshot, get all data entered into your phone and get connected via LinkedIn.

Best present for an Entrepreneur: A T-Shirt or Poster from Fake Grimlock.

Best app I can’t live without: Video Skype

Worst Upgrade since Windows Vista: iOS 5 on my formerly trusty iPhone 3GS. Buggy, crashes, mysterious data losses, I could go on. I promise from now on to wait to hear others’ stories before installing updates.

Worst startup launch viewed from afar: Color.com. But don’t ask me about it, ask the Scobleizer, who also wins a related Best Rant for his review of their launch.

Worst startup mistake: Having a big burn rate.

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