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13 Ways To Think About And Crush Your Competition

A few weeks ago, there was an article that came out called “Google Currents, Onswipe’s Nightmare?”. I’m also preparing for our first board meeting with newly elected independents and one of the points we are talking about happens to be competition. As you start to grow competition becomes a healthy thing to think about. Here’s how I think about competition as a cofounder and CEO of a growing venture backed startup:

  1. Don’t Worry About Google

  2. Find A Giant As An Ally

  3. Copycats don’t have the roadmap

  4. Mis-education creates false competitors

  5. Don’t try to win on features

  6. Price wars are a race to the bottom

  7. Speed wins

  8. Focus on the normals

  9. Cash matters when scaling

  10. You are your biggest competitor

  11. Avoiding the build versus buy problem

  12. Bring traffic to the table

  13. Bring money to the table

Read details HERE (via OnStartups.com)

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