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Facebook Redesigns Groups To Be More Timeline-y and Purposeful, Less Spammy

Today Facebook rolled out a limited redesign of Groups, featuring a big new Timeline-style cover image, and a prompt for users to prominently label “What should people post in this group?”. See, if you’re not careful, your intimate Facebook Groups can balloon in population and stray off topic generating annoying notifications for everyone.

This redesign makes Groups feel more close knit, and will encourage them not to devolve into a chaotic array of kitten photos, political diatribes, and self-serving announcements. After all, that’s what the news feed is for.

Groups previously displayed a small “group image” that admins could upload. I bet people often chose some generic clip art or a photo that appeared too tiny to be meaningful. Now the top of Groups look more like Timeline, with a sweeping banner image that defaults to a collage of members but can be replaced with any image. Cleverly, the default collage shows the most recent members to post to the Group.

The redesign also makes links to members, photos, events, and docs more obvious. This is the second time Facebook has increased the prominence of these links to draw usage and compete with Google Docs as a collaboration tool.

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