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The ‘Dogbnb’ Wars Escalate: Rover Raises $3.4M

Finding a place for your pooch while you’re away should be getting easier. Rover, a Seattle-based startup that is trying to disrupt the kennel market, said it has raised $3.4 million in a round led by Madrona Venture Group. It’s one of several startups that are vying to be the online marketplace for pet owners that need a sitter or a place for their dogs to stay when they’re out of town.

“This addresses a real, concrete problem,” said the company’s chief executive Aaron Easterly. “There are more dog-owning households than households with children in the U.S.”

Easterly said that kennels or pet hotels are often too pricey to be reasonable. It can range from being about $30 a night to upwards of $80 or 90 at higher-end places. Plus, they might charge extra for walks or playing fetch….
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