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5 tips for a social media policy

Over the past few years I’ve personally researched the social media policy of  hundreds of organizations, the regulatory conditions in niche industries, and the business risks no one gave attention to. I’ve witnessed the gigantic tidal wave of sites like Facebook force itself into both personal and professional lives, giants like Myspace swell up and fade away, and services like Google flip a switch and declare a new way of doing things.

One of the biggest problems facing business leaders is that society at large has adopted the mindset of open dialogue and personal opinion. I personally believe that this has led to some great changes, but the downside is that very few people keep up to date on changes in technology, legal regulation, social trends, and  the business impacts.

Someone in your management group gets to be the voice of common sense…
and the messenger sometimes gets to be the bearer of unpopular messages.

While the message of social media policy is generally not the most popular topic, the combination of open dialogue and personal opinion weighed against the need to be held accountable and drive a profit often reside on contradictory ends of the spectrum. There are very important and long-term benefits that need to be considered by everyone in your audience.

  • To say that social media policy is complex would be an understatement.
  • To say that social media policy is simple would be idiotic.

Yet business owners, employees, investors, and consumers all have to find a way to have common ground when dealing with each other. Instead of jumping into the legal abyss of what your social media policy should or should not contain, try to absorb these five tips that will help get you in the right mindset for the situation at hand.

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