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Lessons From the Launch of Google Music

It seemed inevitable. Google Music’s late arrival into the online music marketplace immediately sparked headlines comparing it to its’ biggest competitors: “Can Google Music unseat Apple’s iTunes, Spotify?;” “Cloud Music Showdown: Amazon vs. Apple vs. Google;”  and “Google, iTunes Turn up the Volume.”

Why does this matter to you? Because even if you’re Google, when your product is late to the game, you’re going to have to fight for the spotlight. While the jury is still out on whether Google Music is a stand-out, it’s a good time for small business owners to look at just how to surface their new products in an already crowded market.

Here, experts reveal key lessons from Google Music’s launch and how to ensure your next launch gets its share of the spotlight.

Focus on user experience.  Since the product will be similar to others, user experience counts ten-fold. It’s a phenomenon not limited to tech companies—whether you’re hawking a Polo shirt or plate of sashimi, the way your customer feels about and interacts with your product could be the difference in success and flat-out failure.

“Think about the first iPhone. When it came out, it certainly was competing in a cell phone market where consumers were pretty comfortable with the status quo,” says Hamilton Wallace, an Arizona marketing consultant. “But the user experience was so ground-breaking, it really pushed it way passed a lot of the other guys. This is a good lesson in the importance of user experience.”

Where can you start? He suggests doing a full analysis of your competitors’ customers before launch. Find out what your product can provide those customers that they aren’t already getting.

Scott Stratten, consultant and president of consulting firm UnMarketing, which is based in Ontario, Canada, agrees. “Remember, you can’t outspend the bigger guys, but you can out-awesome them,” he says.

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